Game information Version history: All / 1.08 / 1.07 / 1.06 / 1.05 / 1.04 / 1.03
  • Flash Player version check was fixed.
  • Added speed meter.
  • In-play menu was slightly changed, adding toggle option for speed meter.
  • Gaps in the back guardrail were removed.
  • Added captions during game start and retry.
  • Screen layout was changed slightly.
  • Kiri/Miki's Special effect was changed slightly.
  • Other than that, a portion of internal logic was changed.
      * This has no effect on gameplay.
  • Speed meter, image quality, and sound settings are stored locally.
      (Even if you press "Record Clear", they won't be removed.)
  • Corrected a sound playback bug. Also, added local record storage.
  • I was a bit scared to see, in certain places, images of heights exceeding 2000m. Therefore, I'm increasing the amount of text that can be displayed.
  • Again with the slight corrections. (Probably the last)
  • Changed relative location of images, just a little.